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Unique Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €10

100% Bonus Up To €200 On Your First Deposit

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Wazamba Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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Alf Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 and 200 Free Spins

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SpinUp Casino


  • 2 Types : Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 20x

Min Dep: €20

300% Up To €1000 + 100 Free Spins

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Casinia Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Mobile, seriose
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

Welcome Bonus 100% up to €500

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Online Bingo – the gaming experience of the popular classic

Bingo is one of the oldest games of chance. Unfortunately, for a long time there has been no platform for it in Thailand. But for a few years, players now have the possibility to mark their numbers on their Bingo ticket online and get the chance to win great prizes. The principles of the game are based on a row of five numbers, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. These numbers are drawn on a principle of chance. The following article is going to address all important rules, the choice of the best provider and practical tips and tricks to increase your chances to win.

The most important Online Bingo rules at a glance

For participating in a game of Bingo, the players need to purchase coupons or tickets. What follows is similar to a classic game of Lotto: a so-called caller will draw balls with imprinted numbers from 1 to 75 from a cage. Then he will call out the drawn numbers and the players will mark these numbers on their cards with coloured daubers. You can only mark a number if you find the called number on your Bingo card. As soon as a player marks the fifth number in a horizontal row, a vertical column or a diagonal line, the lucky winner calls BINGO. Every casino makes its own specific rules about different possible winning combinations. Therefore it is also possible to win if all numbers in the four corners of the card plus the number in the middle have been called. In variations of the game, other patterns of numbers can also lead to a win.

In some versions of the game, the players have to check all numbers on their card to win by a so-called Blackout. A person in charge will then check the card for validity and hand out a cash or non-cash prize. In the United Kingdom, there are many Bingo events in the afternoons or on Sundays. Mostly older people participate in these games and have the possibility to win non-cash prizes such as bottles of wine, chinaware, jewellery or electronic items.

The sociability of Bingo is the big difference to the anonymity of Lotto. All players of Bingo sit together in one room. Many churches organize Bingo events where the members of the churches gather. The proceeds often finance charitable purposes.

Tips and tricks to increase your Online Bingo winning chances

Online Bingo is a game of chance that can't be influenced by a player. Still, there are some practical tips and tricks to increase your possibility to win. Who doesn't want to be the king of Bingo? It is prohibited to manipulate a Bingo game. This would be unfair play. All numbers are drawn in a random order. No player can influence this order. Only a clever strategy distinguishes a beginner from an experienced Bingo player.

Especially the beginners are keen to maximise their stake. But experience is an important aspect with Online Bingo. It's advisable to use a deposit bonus or welcome discount without monetary stakes to get used to the game. Only later when the player has learned all the rules, he should wager money.        

Every player should understand the rules and strategies before he starts playing. Which patterns win? It is recommended to practice in a free demo mode until the guidelines become second nature.

Experienced players use several cards. With only one Bingo card the chances to win are quite low. If there are, for example, 20 Bingo cards in the game, then every card means a five percent chance of winning. If a player buys more cards, he increases his chances. So if a player owns 3 of these 20 cards, his chances to win are 1[a]5%.

Sure, Bingo is about sociability. With Online Bingo, it's the game’s principle that counts. Therefore it's advisable to decrease the number of players in a game. The         fewer the opponents, the higher the chances to win.

It is important to raise your stakes only bit by bit so you won't be running out of money too early. If you then lose a game, the loss is still within limits. Who         wagers too much too early might soon go home empty handed.

Even after several setbacks you shouldn't immediately raise your wagers. An experienced player doesn't lose his cool. We shouldn't have to remind you that Bingo is a game of chance. Its purpose is that of entertainment only and not of making money.

How to choose a serious casino to play Online Bingo

An important condition to play an exciting game of Bingo is a reliable, clear and safe casino. Beginners and new clients have a benefit as many online gambling providers offer a welcome discount for new accounts. Often your deposit is doubled or extra budget is added which you can then use in your first games. With this, your risk lowers and you can calmly get to know the offers and the principles of the game. Serious providers hold a licence for their legal operation and invite their users to check out their programs, the system and the coupons without risk. A safe and transparent explanation of the chances of winning improves the positive feedback from their users.

Although many well-known platforms and casinos upgrade their ranges to lotteries and Bingo as well, there are still some that do not offer this popular classic. Your first glance should go at their range of games. It would be a shame if you found out after registration that Online Bingo is not available.

Youth protection, transparency and security regarding gambling and deposits as well as data protection are important issues. All personal details should be encrypted so users are never at risk, no matter if you play Bingo, take a seat at a roulette table or test one of the slot machines.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Online Bingo

  • Who is allowed to play Online Bingo?

Every player of age is allowed to participate. Every user registers with an own account at the portal of the online casino. After you receive your confirmation of registration and make your first deposit, you will receive a bonus payment.

  • How many numbers are drawn?

This depends on the provider’s specifications. Basically, it is about the numbers from 1 to 75.

The classic principle of the game requires 22 lucky numbers to be drawn. Whoever reaches five of these drawn numbers in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally on his card, wins.

  • How can you play Bingo online?

First, the player chooses an appropriate online casino or a platform that offers Bingo. Most of the available online lotteries do. After registering and making a deposit, you will receive a welcome bonus. With the first game the excitement builds as no player knows when his virtuell opponents call Bingo. Everyone wants to be the first to hit five numbers in a row.

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